Friday  2PM - 5PM

Registration At Host Hotel

At registration you will receive packets for the event, and tickets for the drawing we are going to do Saturday at the end of the event. (VIP ticket holders will receive goodie bags from S2 and 1st Phorm, along with other cool stuff from the sponsors)

Friday  6PM - 7PM

Social Hour

Network, mingle, and make connections with other attendees at 1st Phorm HQ as the night prepares to kick off with the first presentation.

Friday  7PM - 7:15PM


Welcome and opening remarks from Cliff Wilson and John Gorman.

Friday  7:15PM - 8PM

Keynote I: Andy Frisella

Keys to becoming a successful fitness entrepreneur / Q and A

Friday  8PM - 8:45PM

Keynote II: Alberto Nunez

Nutritional and training strategies for upcoming bodybuilding champions.

Saturday  7AM - 8:15AM

Check In

Check-in at Holiday Inn (Host Hotel)

Saturday  8:45AM - 9AM


Welcome from John And Cliff and speaker introductions at 1st Phorm HQ.

Saturday  9AM- 10AM

Keynote III: John Gorman

Analyzing 10 years of failure/success and why that can help you to become the best athlete/coach possible

Saturday  10AM - 11AM

Keynote IV:  IFBB Pro Jason Theobald

Insulin sensitivity and advanced techniques to apply to your physique goals.

Saturday  11AM - 12AM

Keynote V:  Dr Chad Kersick

Nutrient Timing

Saturday  12AM - 1PM


We will break for Lunch from 12:00 until 1:00 pm. Lunch will be catered and provided for you and will consist of a lean meat, veggies, drinks and optional sides of carbs.

Saturday  1PM- 2PM

Keynote VI:  IFBB Pro Laurin Conlin

Balancing structure and flexibility for competitors - the science, psychology, and practicality of flexible dieting

Saturday  2PM - 3PM

Keynote VII:  Cliff Wilson

The motivational tactics of champions - building the mental toughness required for long term physique success

Saturday  3:15 - 4:15

Keynote VIII:  IFBB Pro John Meadows

Mountain Dog Training Demystified

Saturday  4:15 - 5:30

Roundtable:  Q & A

Roundtable: Q and A / Drawing for Prizes.